Harlen A. Winter was a freshman in the University of Texas Art Department in 1953. After serving the required draft period in the U.S. Army midway through school, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from U.T. He continued in the graduate program  there.

Winter's art was already being collected during his undergraduate and graduate years at U.T. Sculptures by Harlen Winter have become the proud possessions of past governors of Texas, senators and representatives, a former president of Mexico, and many other distinguished people throughout the country.



Now at the age of seventy five he is more prolific than at any other time in his life. He is looking forward to his fifty year retrospective since he has paintings and sculpture which he created from 1957 through 2008.

Winter has created sculptures utilizing many materials such as bronze, silver, gold, and several types of stone and wood. He has painted extensively with pallet knives in oil and acrylic for the past thirty years


The following are some of the galleries where Winter has shown his paintings and sculptures:

The Sportsman's Gallery, Dallas
Gallery at Shoal Creek, Austin
G. Harvey Gallery, Austin
Meinhart Gallery, Houston
Meridith Long Gallery, Houston
Woodland Gallery, Houston
Glasser's Art Gallery, San Antonio
Westbank Gallery, Austin
Southwest Art Gallery, Houston

Gallery of Fine Arts, Tulsa, OK, juried, Best of Show
University of Texas Alumni Art Show, Austin, juried, Best of Show


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